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With decades of experience in interior painting, wallpaper and finishing, and floor and tile installation, TGC specialists provide expert assistance, as well as a computer-simulated preview, in choosing the materials and colors that complement existing furniture and give your home the look you desire.


TGC can provide painting, repairs, and remodeling from the ground up. From foundation to gutters, and every wall, window, and cornice in between, TGC makes sure every detail is complete with flawless taste and execution.

Exterior Services include: exterior painting | stucco/EIFS/plastering | gutter cleaning | foundation crack repair | power washing | deck & patio care .

All Around the House

TGC specialists are skilled in numerous areas of specialty. If you need assistance with nearly any type of home project, we either have a specialist or a whip-smart, experienced handyman who can provide a professional solution.

TGC also takes pride in offering green solutions when assessing your home project.

Please call us at 1-866-416-2545  for a free estimate today. We would love to hear from you!

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