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Over the years we have built homes ranging from 1000 square foot ranch to 15,000 square foot four story single family home. We are equipt to provide services from the initial planing to your moving day and all aspects in between. We work closely with a dedicated team of professional sub contractors to provide a complete line of services.

Stepping into the Toronto housing market was a big step for you to take, and now you want to take this land that you own and build a foundation for memories to come. Perhaps you have purchased a lot that was too good to pass up, and the only thing in between you and your future dream home is a demolition and a new construction. TGC has every step taken care of for you. Home is where you lay your head, and it is important that you get everything you want.

Our expert team at TGC offers help with all of the matters that come with building a new property in Toronto. From the simple to the complex, every task will be done with the utmost quality and care. Being a great Toronto home builder takes heart, passion, and the determination to provide a long-lasting home for a family. Our team has all of this and more.


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