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A great return on your investment…adding or remodeling a bathroom will add value to your home. Over the years we have remodeled hundreds and probably thousands of bathrooms. At TGC we try to reuse any existing whenever possible, the bathtub is a great example. Why replace when you can refinish, you can refinish the existing in place for ¼ the cost of new and have the same warranty. We can provide the basic ..replacement of fixtures, flooring and tile to the full gut with radiant floor heat, towel warmers, jacuzzi tub and custom shower and of course any level in between.

There is a saying about restaurants: if the bathrooms aren’t up to a decent standard, then don’t eat the food. The same saying goes a long way when speaking about a home. Your bathroom is a testament to how tidy your overall house feels. Have you ever been to a friend or acquaintances home and the bathroom just wasn’t up to par? Perhaps the bathtub needed to be refinished or the tile on the wall was in bad condition. Maybe your own home has this feel to others. Now is the time to act and begin working on that newly refinished bathroom that you deserve.

No need to worry about drafting up huge plans or wasting money on quick fixes to cover up problems. TGC takes the worry out of your hands and does the job right. Our bathroom remodeling service in Toronto happens to be the best, so sign up today for a quote from TGC.

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