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Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Private Sanctuary

Gone are the days when the design of the bathroom seems to be given little to no thought at all. Today, practical, inspiring and creative Bathroom Design Ideas imply that this private sanctuary can rightfully reflect the aspirations of its users. After all, it is an area in any home that is frequented and it is also where a considerable amount of time is spent to prepare oneself to face another day if not to freshen up before one calls it a day.


The bathroom is an important part of the house largely because of the essential purpose it serves. It may not be the area where you entertain the visitors at nor is it the place where you reserve for your guests. Then again, it can still be one of those aesthetically appealing spaces that you would proudly display to those you welcome inside your residence.

Bathroom Design Ideas For A Versatile Space

Our designers at TGC regard the bathroom of any home as one of the areas which deserves and requires attention in as far as the formulation of functional but creative solutions are concerned. From the precise space allocation, color scheme, type and shade of paint, door selection, window treatment, tile choices, selection of fixtures, lavatories, toilets, bathtubs, fittings to every single element that goes in it, we see to it that everything is a perfect fit. Our goal is to create a well thought out space.

Besides providing a private space for personal hygiene, the bathroom can now also provide a refuge or a therapeutic retreat by evolving into a spa for instance. Think about, pebbles, whirlpool tubs, hot shower, glass sink, dramatic lighting and windows that open up to a view. Entering this space treats you to a relaxing spa-like atmosphere right at the comfort of your own home.

Practical Bathroom Design Ideas

Meant to cater to a fundamental human activity, the bathroom, where you relax and rejuvenate must have that ability to positively tap your senses in a way that makes you feel comfortable and revived especially after the exhausting grind of everyday. But given the regularity and frequency of the use of this space, it is crucial to bear in mind that elements found inside this room must be easily maintained and are durable. This is addressed by carefully choosing fixtures, finishes and other design components for their quality and not just for their prices or visual appeal.

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