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Whether your looking for a complete restoration of a historical home, a repair of a neglected property or anything in between at TGC we are here to work with you to make your visions reality. Some say that a good Toronto rehab contractor is hard to find, and we say that can be true at times. Fortunately you have found the leading Toronto rehab contractor here at TGC Builders. It takes a strong team to bring the vision of converting old to new to life, and we take on that challenge every day. Rehabs aren’t just quick fixes or cosmetic changes to a home. It involves meticulously reworking the entire established image and bringing forth something even greater. TGC Builders is the company for the job, hands down.

Families grow everyday, and at times it can seem like you need your house to grow with you. Is it really time to move? Are you ready to abandon the home where all of your memories have been sown and where your children were raised? You don’t have to relocate at all. We can build up or out to provide that extra space you need in your current residence. Our team of professionals will work with you from start to finish to ensure the newly added space is both functional and appealing.

TGC Builders can take on tasks that even seem impossible. Have you been dreaming about adding another story to your home? Did you finally get that dream car and need a new addition to house it? These are all common jobs that we complete. No job is too big for our professional crew, so give us a call and let’s get to work!

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