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Our business has grown over the years and we continue to expand. We established TGC in 2004.

We now have offices in East and West Toronto providing a wide range of services which includes new construction and remodeling for both residential and commercial clients. Our job base ranges from a few thousand dollar remodeling project to multi million dollar new construction. We employ our own carpenters, laborers and project managers. In addition, we work closely with a team of licensed and insured sub-contractors to provide a quality product at a honest price.

We are a green certified environmentally friendly business offering employee incentives for there contributions to our commitment. In 2009, we were featured in several trade magazines and received seven separate awards for our high level of service. We are constantly expanding our services and service area. We are dedicated to serving our clients needs, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality. If we don’t exceed your expectations, please let us know.

If you live in one of the world’s most affluent cities like Toronto, you’ll no doubt want to keep your home looking special. Toronto General Construction can provide your home or office with a number of quality work projects such as roof repair in Toronto, roofing in Oakville, basement renovations in Mississauga and all general contractor work in Toronto.

We provide very high quality work at a more than reasonable price and each job is carried out as if we would be working on our own homes. We check carefully our surroundings and make sure that all work carried out is environmentally friendly and leaves a low carbon footprint behind.

Living in one of Canada’s most opulent cities means many homeowners will want home renovations in Toronto carried out by those that can prove a quality service that exceeds customer expectations. So, whether you are looking for roofing in Mississauga or simple home renovations in Toronto, we can provide a service that delivers on time, of the highest quality and all at a fair market price.

If you are looking for home improvement in Toronto then you will have come to the right people. At Toronto General Construction we provide first class quality roofing in Toronto, which includes roofing repair and roof construction. Toronto, like all cities in Canada will go through a hard cold winter each year where your roof will be subject to roof-damaging elements like snow, frost, ice and heavy rain.

Roofs and guttering will often suffer from poor drainage, clogged downpipes and cracked tiling. Roofing in Toronto is our specialty and it is one job that should always be left to the experts. We can even provide a service where your home renovations in Toronto also include a roof repair service at the same time. It does not matter whether you have a steeped roof or multi-façade roofing systems, we are ready and willing to repair, renovate, maintain and build a new roof for your home. We can also provide a top quality service on flat roofs in Toronto, as seen in many business units and premises.

Renovations in Toronto are what we do best, so if you want your home looking like a palace fit to be in one of the world’s greatest cities, then check out our wide range of home improvement services on offer. Looking at basement renovations in Toronto you will be able to take your attic or basement to the next level in home improvement. And don’t forget we also provide basement renovations in the Oakland area too.

Our work encompasses basic basement open floor plan improvements to a full dig out so that the bottom of your home matches seamlessly with the rest of your residence. Full loft insulation and attic repair and renovation are also the type of construction we perform week in week out.

There are a number of finishing work projects that can be provided on your attic or basement (or both), from a basic paint job to installing brand new flooring of cement, hardwood, laminated wood or stained tiling made of stone. Whatever your preference for your flooring project, we can provide it – and all at a reasonable coat and with the highest quality workmanship guaranteed.

The work we are able to carry out on your new or existing home is not limited to roofing, basement and attic work but also installation and repair of skylights. Our work on your roof is not just limited to the tiling but will also include full maintenance and repair of guttering, downpipes, blocked drainage funnels and chimney repair.

You may also be looking for renovations within the home such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room and hallways. Look no further for a one stop solution to renovating these areas of your home with our high quality construction services. Toronto General Construction is fully aware of how a successful project should be delivered, how to engage with the customer and how that project has to be delivered on time.

Your home in Mississauga, Oakville or Toronto will naturally be your biggest investment you will have ever made. We understand that your home means a lot to you, so our role is to discover exactly what you want and provide it, rather than recommend what you should be renovating in your home.

Our services also provide high quality expertise which is paramount to any building work or project either in a home or a workplace. We will also hire and closely manage subcontractors that will provide high quality work and deliver any project on time. But bear in mind, each project we undertake will be allocated a single point of contact, just for you, so you as the client can raise any issues or concerns as they arise.

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