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Inside With decades of experience in interior painting, wallpaper and finishing, and floor and tile installation, TGC specialists provide expert assistance, as well as a computer-simulated preview, in choosing the materials and colors that complement existing furniture and give your home the look you desire. Outside TGC […]

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Wood Flooring Choices Made Easy

Wood Flooring Choices Made Easy, or at Least Easier Wood flooring is so appealing that just about every remodeling project includes it in at least one room, and often in several. It creates a timeless, warm ambience that is irresistible. But, wood flooring’s popularity has created a […]

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Considerations When Choosing Vinyl Flooring


Considerations When Choosing Vinyl Flooring When you are considering flooring options, modern vinyl can be attractive for a number of reasons. First, it is visually attractive. The variety of patterns, colors, and designs is virtually unlimited. Second, it provides visual beauty at a cost that is significantly […]

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How To Care For Your Hardwood Floor


How To Care For Your Hardwood Floor Hardwood flooring offers a great combination of visual appeal, durability, and relative ease of maintenance. It’s always the best choice to have your wood floor professionally installed. Be sure to consult with your installer to make sure you get the […]

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Tile and Flooring

There is a wide array of flooring types, materials, colors, and finishes. Which are right for your dream home? Which ones fit your usage and lifestyle? Whatever flooring materials or systems you’re considering for your remodeling project, there is one source for design and installation that can […]

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New Construction

Over the years we have built homes ranging from 1000 square foot ranch to 15,000 square foot four story single family home. We are equipt to provide services from the initial planing to your moving day and all aspects in between. We work closely with a dedicated […]

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We work closely with several different venders to supply you a wide range of options. Whether you are looking for stock box cabinetry and fixture swap to an eat in kitchen with full custom cabinets. The possibility’s are endless… When you hire services of a company to […]

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Decks and Porches

We are always educating our crew of the new codes to insure you have a porch that will last. At TGC we offer wood and steel or any combination of the two. Nothing beats Toronto in the Spring and Summer, and what can top it all off […]

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A great return on your investment…adding or remodeling a bathroom will add value to your home. Over the years we have remodeled hundreds and probably thousands of bathrooms. At TGC we try to reuse any existing whenever possible, the bathtub is a great example. Why replace when […]

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