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Renovations Make a Comeback


THE Columbia is a tall yellow-brick condominium at the corner of Broadway and West 96th Street, populated by many families and professionals. On weekday mornings, the lobby bustles with kids scurrying to school and grown-ups hurrying to work. Lately, though, there has been an addition to the […]

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The Benefits of Going Green in the Bathroom


Learn how to use eco-friendly bathroom design to save energy and water, lower your utility bills and look beautiful doing it.  More people are getting hands-on with green building. Bathrooms are among the easier rooms in which to go green. Changing out fixtures manufactured before the water […]

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Remodeling Now to Avoid Accessibility Problems Later


ON a visit to her friends’ home in France last fall, Nancy Carlin of Naples, Fla., admired the elegant shower room. When she returned, Mrs. Carlin, 60, asked a contractor to redo the master bath in her courtyard villa using a similar curbless, doorless design. “Since I […]

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Office Renovation Contractor


What Makes For A Perfect Office Renovation Contractor? Deciding to have an old office renovated is one big step towards having a better working environment for everyone in the organization to efficiently do their job. It’s something to look forward to especially if the success of your […]

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Home Renovations Ideas


Give Your Home A Make Over With These Clever Home Renovations Ideas Tired of your lifeless flat? Well, maybe it’s about time to give your place a major face-lift! Actually there’s no need to fret because renovation need not spell stress. No matter what your reason for […]

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Ideas For Bathroom Renovations


Ingenious Ideas For Bathroom Renovations It is such an irony that the most neglected part of the house is actually the most integral. Re-modelling your bathroom can be a grueling task and it can be time consuming. In fact, sometimes it can take you about a month […]

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Room Renovation


Room Renovation – How To Prepare Your Space Prior To Renovation The long wait is over. The time has come to finally have your room undergo a major fix to make it more appealing and functional. Aside from hiring a TGC expert and purchasing all the materials […]

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Corporate Interior Designs


Corporate Interior Designs – Colors, Furniture & Lighting For The Corporate Scene Is your office due for a major revamp? Here are some useful information and tips on how to improve the look of your office and make it a truly functional space that will promote efficiency […]

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Bathroom Design Ideas


Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Private Sanctuary Gone are the days when the design of the bathroom seems to be given little to no thought at all. Today, practical, inspiring and creative Bathroom Design Ideas imply that this private sanctuary can rightfully reflect the aspirations of its […]

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Increase your home’s value with hardwood floors


A survey by the National Wood Flooring Association asked real estate agents about the impact of hardwood floors on homebuyers. Of the realtors interviewed, 82 percent said that homes with hardwood floors sold faster and often for more money. Hardwoods are easier than ever to care for […]

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